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The agricultural sector is extremely sensitive to weather conditions. Extreme precipitation events, cold, heat, drought, storms, among others, could cause huge losses in any culture.

Since each type of agricultural crop has its own needs, IBERMETEO provides a range of products (such as alerts and reports to forecast events of frost, heavy rainfall or drought, etc...) These products can help you to make the right decision in order to prevent risks and increase your profits. We can offer a range of services on a varied time scale with daily, weekly and seasonal forecasts, but also inform about the development of various relevant parameters for agriculture, such as temperature, wind speed and gust, relative humidity, precipitation, radiation solar, etc... IBERMETEO also provides monthly and seasonal information reports, or reports of extreme weather events.


The construction industry is one of the main branches of the society that suffers a direct and / or indirect influence of weather conditions. The construction works and its workers suffer daily, in various places, the impact of weather conditions. Therefore, an advance knowledge and notice of the weather, will allow you and your work, a better and more efficient planning and management, as well as a more correct use of their resources:

weather factors can cause delays and the inherent financial losses associated with it. On these occasions it will be easier to renegotiate contracts with reports that show these events.

it will be largely beneficial to your company to know the average behavior of weather and climate variables in order to structure your work in the medium and long term. Such information will enable a better planning of your work and thus, making use of the time periods for the most relevant steps.

within the safety of your work and employees, monitoring and alerting of severe weather (heavy rains with large volumes of water, thunder / lightning, wind, hail, etc…), are considered crucial information.


IBERMETEO can provide you with detailed information for specific locations, in order to better prepare your holidays, rides or trips. We also provide you targeted information for recreational and sporting events taking place outdoors, where the weather information has enormous relevance. Fairs, rides or even the choice of vacation spots are subject to weather conditioning. So knowing how the atmosphere will behave in a certain period of time, it will be possible for you to organize according to the weather conditions, thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises or misfortunes.

If your work is related to the recording of television series or movies that require shooting outdoors, IBERMETEO can also provide you with information in the medium and long term, in order to choose the best dates and locations to make these recordings.


Currently, issues related to weather, environment, climate change and renewable energy are increasingly part of our daily life, which is why an increasing number of young people are interested in these subjects. So, IBERMETEO offers products related to the topics mentioned below and dedicated to education:

developing content on Climatology, Meteorology, Environment and Renewable Energy for the different years of schooling;

preparation/development of guidelines/handouts for teachers, related to the content of programs taught in different years and in particular directed to the mentioned areas;

organization of lectures in schools and elsewhere on the above topics or on other topics that are appropriate for teaching.


Several studies show a strong relationship between weather conditions and their variations and the health of each person. Thus, it is very important to have prior knowledge of these variables for a prevention strategy, especially because it is a matter of human health.

In order to minimize these effects, as well as to improve the decision on the duration and quantity of production, IBERMETEO provides weather and/or climate reports and severe weather alerts that address sudden changes in temperature, intense variations in atmospheric pressure, drought and excessive rain, indication of thermal comfort, the influence of weather on the concentration of certain pollutants or pollen, amount of solar radiation, etc… In this area, IBERMETEO may also contribute to the preparation of lectures/seminars on the influence of weather on the well-being of populations.


The target people of insurance companies suffer constantly with accidents caused by weather and climate, which requires that these companies are well informed about the weather events of the past, present and future.

The weather information can help the insurance companies in several ways that go beyond improving service to its customers or reduction of compensation payments. So, the information of atmospheric phenomena and climate will allow improving the power of decision and reducing risks, which will help insurance companies to make more efficient services.

In this area, IBERMETEO offers reports of climate and weather events, weather forecasts and severe weather warnings.

Insurance Companies

For these large fields of our society, IBERMETEO offers effective information services that aim to minimize risks and financial losses of the manufacturer, transportation, until the final destination of the products (supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.). You have certainly sensed that the results vary according to weather conditions and thus, be aware of the benefits for you and your company of an efficient and timely weather forecast.

The previous warning of the occurrence of heat waves will enable your company a better planning of production and the amount of the purchase or sale of a certain product.

Visibility, floods, heavy precipitation events, snow, ice, among others, are factors that influence negatively the transport of goods, thus, causing delays and financial losses. The availability of weather reports and warnings of severe weather will decrease most of these losses, so you can plan alternatives to your itinerary, minimizing time and costs of transporting your products.

Time" and "efficiency" are money - avoids costs and maximize profits!


At a time when we talk so much about global warming and its possible consequences for the future, renewable sources of energy are assuming an increasingly important role as an alternative to fossil fuels. However, the energy production from renewable sources is influenced by weather conditions.

In this branch, IBERMETEO may, for example, provide wind forecasts, solar radiation, statistical procedures of forecasted and observed data, as well as information of forecasts and other meteorological variables that influence the production of energy.

With this information your company can make estimates of energy production in the (s) park (s) wind farm (s) and photovoltaic (s) center (s), and plan their maintenance when the weather conditions are more favorable for this. Therefore, your company can minimize the transport costs of materials, cranes, workers and even reduce losses in energy production caused by maintenance operations.

Renewable energy

IBERMETEO also provides other services requested by the client, not only in the mentioned areas but also in other related areas. So we look forward to your suggestions, requests and comments, which can be sent to the following email ( so that we can have, day after day, more efficente services for your satisfaction and benefit.

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